Ontario Youth is led by amazing leaders who challenge and cast vision for the youth of Ontario.

  • Adam Shaw

    Youth President

    Personality: ENFJ "Protagonist"

    Family: Stephanie (Spouse) and Judah (Son)

    Occupation: Executive Pastor

    Church: Lifepoint Church

    Ministry Involvement: Adam frequently speaks at youth and leadership training events. Adam is also an author and podcaster, you can find his podcast "The Restorationist" on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Play, or on your favourite podcast app.

    Passion: Revival, empowering and training young leaders, building teams, and leveraging systems to grow the Church.

    Interests: Coffee, reading (the Bible, ancient Roman history, philosophy, and leadership), and travel.

  • Kelvin SHAW

    YOUTH Secretary

    Personality: ESTJ "Executive"

    Occupation: Executive Recruitment

    Family: Symone (Souse), Micah (Son), Kaleb (Son), and Moriah (Daughter)

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Youth/Young Adults Pastor and Canadian Regional Director for Hyphen

    Passion: Preaching and teaching the Word of God, leading youth and young adults to reach their full potential in Christ

    Interests: Reading (the Bible, leadership, business development and sales, personal growth), "basketball savant", and my family.

Youth Committee

The Ontario Youth Committee is made up of members from all across Ontario. 

This committee helps to fulfill the vision and mission of Ontario Youth.

  • Caleb fallon


    Personality: INTJ "Architect"

    Occupation: Student

    Family: Naomi (Spouse), Charles (Son), and Henry (Son)

    Church: The Pentecostals of Windsor

    Ministry Involvement: Assistant Pastor

    Passion: Teaching the Word of God, discipleship, and providing others with resources that advance their passion and service in the Kingdom of God.

    Interests: All things audio, and sound design.

  • Airell Ferreras

    Committee member

    Personality: ENFP “Campaigner”

    Family: Jessica Ferreras (Spouse)

    Occupation: Treasurer and Risk Manager

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Youth Ministry andd Filipino Outreach

    Passion: Seeing people encounter Jesus and  grow into the individuals God has called them to be.

    Interests: Bible Studies, reading, and personal development.

  • Nick Graham


    Personality: INFJ "Advocate"

    Occupation: Soldier

    Family: Brittany Graham (Spouse), Benjamin (Son), and Jory (Son)

    Church: Emmanual Lighthouse UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Hyphen Pastor/Discipleship Pastor

    Passion: Discipleship. Leading others to know Jesus more, grow in their faith, and then go do something about it.

    Interests: Hiking, reading, writing, and wrestling bears.

  • Ricardo hatfield


    Personality: ESFJ-T “Consul"

    Occupation: Financial Coordinator

    Family: Alisha Hatfield (Spouse)

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Assistant Music Director

    Passion: Travelling, sharing my testimony, seeing people connect to God through worship, and working with our local youth department. 

    Interests: Music, vocals, and cars. 

  • Daniel Phillips


    Personality: ISFJ "Defender"

    Occupation: Teacher

    Family: Ashley (Spouse), Eila (Daughter), Silas (Son), and Indie (Daughter)

    Church: Lifepoint Church

    Ministry Involvement: Youth Pastor

    Passion: Helping others live up to their full potential for God. 

    Interests: Books, board Games, and coffee.