Ontario Youth is led by amazing leaders who challenge and cast vision for the youth of Ontario.

  • Imani Nangoma


    Personality: ESTP “Entrepreneur"

    Occupation: University Student

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Campus ministry, P7 and Youth ministry

    Passion: Leading lost souls to experience the love of Christ. 

    Interests: Teaching bible studies, sports enthusiast, and personal growth.

  • Airell Ferreras

    YOUTH Secretary

    Personality: ENFP “Campaigner”

    Occupation: Treasurer and Risk Manager

    Family: Jessica Ferreras (Spouse)

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Youth Ministry and Filipino Outreach

    Passion: Seeing people encounter Jesus and  grow into the individuals God has called them to be.

    Interests: Bible Studies, reading, and personal development.

  • Daniel Phillips

    Director of Promotions

    Personality: ISTJ "Logistician"

    Occupation: Teacher

    Family: Ashley (Spouse), Eila, Silas, Indie, Mavyn

    Church: Lifepoint Church

    Ministry Involvement: Youth Pastor

    Passion: Helping others live up to their full potential for God.  

    Interests: Books, board games, and coffee.

Youth Committee

The Ontario Youth Committee is made up of members from all across Ontario. 

This committee helps to fulfill the vision and mission of Ontario Youth.

  • Caleb Kelsey

    Hyphen Director

    Personality: ENTP-A “Debater” 

    Occupation: Heavy Equipment Sales

    Family: Sarah (Spouse)

    Church: AGL London

    Ministry Involvement: Youth Ministry & Preaching

    Passion: Helping people see themselves the way God sees them. 

    Interests: Reading, Travelling, Self Development, Coffee & Golfing.

  • Ricardo hatfield


    Personality: ESFJ-T “Consul"

    Occupation: Financial Coordinator

    Family: Alisha Hatfield (Spouse)

    Church: Stittsville UPC

    Ministry Involvement: Assistant Music Director

    Passion: Travelling, sharing my testimony, seeing people connect to God through worship, and working with our local youth department. 

    Interests: Music, vocals, and cars. 

  • Luis Gonzalez


    Personality: ESFJ-T “Consul”

    Occupation: College Student

    Church: LifeChurch Burlington

    Ministry Involvement: Student intern at LifeChurch, Sunday school, youth, hyphen and preaching. 

    Passion: Mission and vision of Ontario youth, growth and development in others, servant leadership, discipleship, connecting with people and preaching.

    Interests: Books, coffee, philosophy, theology, hiking, and sports.

  • Jordan Ansley

    Committee Member

    Personality: ENTP-A "Debater"

    Occupation: Digital Marketer

    Family: Melodie (Spouse)

    Church: Lifepoint Church

    Ministry Involvement: Assistant Youth Pastor

    Passion: Constant Improvement. Always asking "How can we make this better?"

    Interests: Adventure & Exploration, Specialty Coffee, Science & Tech

  • Sam Abbott

    Personality: ESTJ-A "Executive"

    Occupation: University Student

    Church: Emmanuel Lighthouse UPC/New Life Pentecostal

    Ministry Involvement: Campus Ministry

    Passion: Witnessing and praying with people to receive the Holy Ghost

    Interests: Music, Sports, Science

  • Brooke gaffney

    Personality: ISTJ "Logistician"

    Occupation: Student Pastor and Personal Support Worker

    Family: Jacob Gaffney (Spouse)

    Church: Crosspoint Church Oshawa

    Ministry Involvement: Student Ministry and Sunday School

    Passion: Getting to invest in the next generation of world changers as they grow in their God given callings.

    Interests: Travelling, reading, board games, and a good cup of coffee.

  • Austin Slagle

    Coming soon!